Four-Day "Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice"

The goal of our trainings is to produce competent neurofeedback practitioners.  Such practitionera are able to integrate their understanding of symptom presentation, brain function and EEG into a coherent neurofeedback treatment strategy, and then monitor and adjust that strategy throughout treatment.

This Four-Day Training Course is the first step in that process.  It will give clinicians the necessary basic skills and understanding to use neurofeedback equipment in a professional setting, applying Eyes Open Neurofeedback protocols.

Lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

The course is BCIA and BCIA Australia (BCIA-A) approved for 36 hours of training in the Blueprint of Knowledge portion of certification in neurofeedback.  Dr Perl is certified as an instructor and supervisor by BCIA-A. The course fee includes registration of your attendance with BCIA and BCIA-A. If you are interested in BCIA certifiation, then you must register your interest with them directly.

Dr. Ed Hamlin has revised and updated this course, first developed through EEG Spectrum and Michael Cohen.  This course has been taught for over 20 years, and has been revised and expanded repeatedly to incorporate developments in the field.  It remains the most comprehensive and practical of all neurofeedback training courses available.

Pricing discount: Early bird - $50 off if course is paid in full by June 20.

Venue:  Hotel Kurrajong Canberra, 8 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2600

Phone:  02 6234 4444
Accommodation:  Call the hotel to reserve your room.



This course will give you a thorough grounding in this field and prepare you for successful clinical implementation of this new modality and/or research in this field. The course is very practical, experiential and ‘hands-on’. Sufficient basic neuro-physiology is presented to allow participants to understand the neurofeedback process and reasoning for protocol decisions. The class size is kept at a low maximum number, which permits catering for individual needs. The aim of this course is for each participant to achieve a level of competency sufficient to begin providing EEG Biofeedback to clients that present with an uncomplicated profile. Supervision is available and strongly recommended during the initial period of clinical service provision.

Our aim is for course participants to become successful, effective and efficient Neurofeedback Practitioners.

* Fees include GST, a tax invoice / receipt will be forwarded upon registration
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Moshe Perl, PhD, MAPS, BCN, FANSA


Non-Affiliate Price: $1750 (early bird discount $50) *
Affiliate Network Member Discount (re-attendee): $1550 (early bird discount $50)


20 August — 23 August 2017
09:00 — 17:30


Hotel Kurrajong Canberra, 8 National Circuit Barton