Marital and Family Therapy: The focus here is the family or social network, and how it affects the feelings and actions of the people involved. Quite often it happens that even small changes in the way people relate to each other produce large shifts in the level of harmony and satisfaction experienced by the people in conflict. Key ingredients involve careful listening, communication, and practical problem-solving. At other times, even when it is clear that one person is experiencing significant personal distress, the family needs assistance to deal more effectively with that person, so that they can cope better, and also to help the person develop better coping skills.

Individual Counselling: The best approach to individual work effectively addresses the needs the client can identify. This may involve giving information, problem-solving or developing access to resources for that person within the community.

Individual Psychotherapy: When a person wishes to address underlying sources of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in their own life, psychotherapy is often helpful.

Dr. Perl has trained in Hakomi Therapy, a psychotherapy which emphasises integration and wholeness through a deeper awareness of personal meaning and purpose. In a therapeutic atmosphere of acceptance and safety, it becomes possible to explore core personal issues and find resolution and new directions.