Connecting with ANSA 2020

Connecting with ANSA 2020


Get excited because it’s only a few more sleeps before the next ANSA conference!

The Applied Neuroscience Society of Australia (ANSA) is a collection of health care professionals from Australia, New Zealand (and more!), who promote better mental health through awesome modalities such as Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and neuromodulation techniques. Members include psychologists, nurses, councillors and chiropractors, all with an eye on the latest neurotherapy trends inside of clinical practice.

The 2020 Conference is happening in September, and due to the pandemic, it has transitioned to being an entirely online event.  For event details and more information about how the amazing team at ANSA has adapted, head to The ANSA website for latest information.

We’re really impressed by the efforts we’ve seen by our friends and colleagues to step-up and evolve themselves and their neurofeedback practices, in facing the challenges 2020 has presented.  And let’s be honest, it looks like some challenges are here to stay; we’re going to need to keep adapting for a while.

(Like we weren’t anyway right? Exactly. Snap.)

The conference is a great way to connect with each other, to touch-base (metaphorically will have to do) and share our collective wisdom, experience and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

The NIA has undergone some significant changes recently with the closing of our physical practice, the launching of OUR ACADEMY and the transition to delivering all our courses through the magic of the internet!

(It’s been going pretty well so far, especially when Moshe leaves his mic on during the breaks and treats the class to his singing practice!)

Whilst growing pains are hard and none of our old clothes fit anymore, we’ve actually never been prouder to a member of this amazing collective of neurofeedback professionals.

To help celebrate, we’re offering all folks attending ANSA 2020 a discount on our video-series, Neurofeedback Protocol Selection – A symptom-based approach to neurofeedback. We’ve just released the first section of Chapter 4, which looks at Epileptiform Activity / Seizure, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Migraine and are gearing up to release more videos and more chapters very soon!

To access the special ANSA discount CLICK HERE

See you at the 2020 ANSA Conference!

Warm and Fuzzies,



Moshe Zooming during our 2020 Alpha-Theta online course.