Protocol Selection Course Update! Chapter 4 Release & Discount Ending Soon!

Protocol Selection Course Update! Chapter 4 Release & Discount Ending Soon!

The first three chapters of our new online video series Neurofeedback Protocol Selection have now been released and we’ve been overwhelmed with positive feedback and enthusiasm for more videos!

Well… (drum roll….)  the wait for more is now over! We’ve published Parts 1-12 of Chapter 4, Instability! 

So far, Chapters 1 through 3 have looked at some basics of neurofeedback clinical practice, intermixed with bite-sized philosophy and wisdom based on Dr Moshe Perl’s literal decades of experience, not only managing a successful neurofeedback practice, but teaching and mentoring countless practitioners AND learning from world-leading colleagues in the field…(deep-breath-in) – AND – a deep-dive into the concept of Arousal, as we break down our perspective on the traditional arousal model used in neurofeedback training. Pwoah!   

Now, the Detectives are back! Chapter 4 breaks down Instability, looking at many symptom presentations and neurofeedback treatment relating to Epilepsy, Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI), Migraines (stress and hormonal), Immune Issues. Chronic Pain, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, History of Psychiatric Illness in the Family, Sleep Disturbances, Relationship Issues, Tinnitus.

If you have clients who have presented with these symptoms, or are simply interested in learning about these issues further, we couldn’t recommend this course more!

The discount for early adopters is coming to an end very soon, we only have a few more discounts to give away. So if you’re interested, the timing has never been better!

With the closing of Moshe’s clinical practice, he is even more dedicated to advancing the field of neurofeedback through sharing his wisdom and helping shortcut practitioners to excellence. Moshe and the NIA continually receive heartwarming feedback from practitioners from all over the world and we aim to receive more!

This course is the culmination of several years of educating professionals to become even more awesome at their neurofeedback practice. Check out our other course, both videos and up-coming live courses, here at Our Online Learning Academy, where our goal is not to simply demystify neurofeedback,  but to entertain in the process!

We hope you like Chapter 4 and keep enjoying Neurofeedback Protocols Selection, A Symptom Based Approach to Neurofeedback.

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An example of excess temporal alpha, 3 traces, from “Part 10. Migraine” of Neurofeedback Protocols Selection

Coming Soon… Chapter 5. Motivation

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