New online Neurofeedback & QEEG courses

New online Neurofeedback & QEEG courses

Have you ever dreamt of learning about neurotherapy or QEEG and getting accredited online?

Sometimes we dream about sailing the ocean in a ship made of sauerkraut, more on that another time…

We are excited to offer two of our popular professional training courses, now entirely online:

Both courses will be conducted by Neurofeedback Specialist Moshe Perl, who has dedicated his career to helping neurofeedback practitioners become the best versions of themselves and these courses represent literal decades of clinical and teaching experience that you can benefit from. 

We’ve reformatted these courses to be accessed entirely online from the safety of your home or office. We’ve put a lot of effort into ensure smooth logistical delivery of our courses, as we all take on the challenges of this brave new world.

We are committed to providing you with first class quality education regardless of circumstances, and so we have taken this opportunity to re-structure our upcoming courses for you to be able to participate, do not wait as places are limited!

EEG & QEEG Analysis – IQCB/QEEGED (IQCB accredited) Online -August

This course is appropriate for any practitioner who wants to increase their understanding of EEG analysis/QEEG or wants to become a QEEG Diplomate (QEEGD). The core components of the course will be delivered online through four full days and then will be followed up by continuing education via online meetings.

For details, check out the course page.

4-Day: Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice Online -September

Our entry-level professional neurofeedback course has received consistently excellent praise.

Here’s a quote from a previous attendee – “An extremely valuable course, and I love being here.”

In this course you will learn the necessary basic skills and understanding to use neurofeedback equipment in a professional setting, applying eyes open neurofeedback protocols.

This course is BCIA approved, so attendance satisfies BCIA’s 36 certified hours of training for their Blueprint of Knowledge.

Dr Moshe Perl is a certified instructor and supervisor by BCIA. The course fee includes registration of your attendance with BCIA. Please contact us prior to booking to ensure that you will meet the access requirements.

For details, check out the course page