NIA QEEG Online Workshop #4

EEG/QEEG Analysis of 3 cases in a neurofeedback context

This is the recording of an online workshop that was held on April 13, 2020. In this workshop, Dr Moshe Perl reviewed the EEGs of 3 cases:

  1. A 55 year old man who suffered a stroke just over a year ago, and is having ongoing cognitive, emotional and physical issues.
  2. A 47 year old woman with chronic hemiplegic migraines accompanied by headache and auras. She also has chronic hormone difficulties. During this case we looked at artifacting with the ICA in WinEEG.
  3. A 36 year old woman who developed aphasia and had two falls recently after being taken off Lamotrigine. We discussed montages in detail in this review. We also looked at using ICA to find EEG components (not artifacts) and looked at a methodology to analyse the ICA components with LORETA.

In this workshop, Dr Perl shows how he conducts EEG/QEEG analysis – ensuring that any conclusion is validated by the raw EEG and the client’s symptoms – and derives neurofeedback training protocols.

Course cost: $40 (USD)