Dr. Perl’s Case Presentations ‘Bundle A’

Three Case Presentations – presentation #1, #2, & #3

In these case presentations, Dr Moshe Perl details the symptoms, analysis, neurofeedback training and treatment outcomes for the following clients – from intake to discharge.

The three cases are:

  1. A nine year old high functioning girl on the autistic spectrum.
  2. A 52 year old woman with acquired brain injury.
  3. A 55 year old professional male with PTSD and concussion.

By completing this bundle of courses, you can satisfy three case presentations and 90 minutes of mentoring for BCIA certification or 90 minutes of CPD for BCIA recertification.

Included in these presentations are expert EEG/QEEG analysis as well as expert TOVA (Test of Variables of Attention) results analysis by Dr Perl. Additionally the TOVA and relative power (in an EEG/QEEG context) are explained as bonuses.

Course cost: $100