All testimonials shown here are from professionals who have used our professional services (education, mentoring, equipment sales and support) and are not from clinical/therapy clients.


Here at NIA we aspire to help the field of neurofeedback grow by providing excellent service and holding ourselves to a high ethical standard. We feel that this is evidenced by the consistently positive feedback that we receive. See below for a selection of testimonials and course feedback.

In January 2017, I took my first course in neurofeedback / EEG / neuroplasticity with Dr Perl’s Level 1 training in NFB in a clinical practice. Since then I have completed several courses with Dr Perl and received dozens of hours of mentoring from him relating to our large caseload of autism individuals, amongst other complex cases. I have also purchased several EEGer licences, as my practice has increased significantly since learning and practicing NFB.


Dr Perl is very professional and the training he provides is of the highest quality in our industry of psychology and applied neuroscience. I am truly thankful that I undertook his courses and received extensive mentoring. To put it in perspective, I engage in between 150-200 hours of active professional development per annum. I have been a psychologist for nearly 20 years with 6 years experience as a clinical researcher. I would rate his training and mentoring in the top echelon of the professional development I have received over the years.


In addition, the after sales support offered by his staff (like David Perl) is very good and gives me confidence in the product(s).


Dr Perl is recognised as one of the world leaders in the clinical application of NFB. He is highly regarded by his colleagues, and that is no coincidence. I can honestly say that I would never leave home without NFB and The Neurotherapy Institute’s training and mentoring.


Dr Alex Ryan
Good Start Psychology
Salisbury, South Australia

Moshe was my first teacher and mentor in the field of neurofeedback and EEG. Beginning in 2003, he guided me into a field which was completely new to me, making me feel comfortable and truly supported as well as being open to searching and exploring new areas with me. His ability to explain why different protocols might work, as well as his expertise in working with children (and with the TOVA test) were very helpful in getting me started. Moshe has a way of absorbing the knowledge of the experts in the field and translating it into a way that is accessible to new practitioners. He has taught me so much and I really cherish the time that I spent learning with him.


In this field, I have never dealt with an organisation that was so professional. We always get replies to our queries and technical issues quickly and we have never had issues with EEGer that NIA could not resolve. As customers we feel that we are supported and appreciated.


Mirjana Askovic
Psychologist, BCN, QEEGD
Neurofeedback program coordinator at the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS)
Director of the Australian NeuroFeedback Institute

Stephen and I have attended a number of courses taught by Moshe Perl. We have attended the 4 day – Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice, the 2 day Neurofeedback Intermediate Skills and the 2 day Alpha Theta Neurofeedback courses. We have found the training to be highly beneficial both personally and professionally. The courses run by Moshe are well organised and very informative. Moshe’s knowledge of this area is incredible and he delivers the material in a way which makes it understandable and can be transferred into the clinical setting. Moshe also brings his humanity and kindness which adds another rich dimension to the course.


Working as a psychotherapist with a number of severely traumatised clients and being able to integrate neurofeedback into the therapy has added a significant contribution to the potential for clients to heal.


We purchased the equipment through the Neurotherapy Institute and have been impressed with the technical back-up and are always responded to very quickly, which has meant when there have been the odd issue, therapy with clients has been able to proceed smoothly.


We have also taken advantage of ongoing mentoring and supervision with Moshe which has extended our learning and been a vital support as we bring this approach to clients.


Charlotte (Reg Psychotherapist) and Stephen Bell (MNZM)
Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Perl has assisted me greatly in developing my neurofeedback practice over the last ten years. His patient and personable style enabled me to gradually build my confidence to a point of operating independently as a practitioner. I recommend him as a very knowledgeable trainer, clinical supervisor or mentor in the fields of neurofeedback and QEEG analysis.


Matt Leggett
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Moshe’s consultation and mentoring has been responsive to our clinic’s needs, supporting our growth as a Neurofeedback practice. From our initial enquiries on Neurofeedback, through to training our practitioners and supporting my BCIA certification and now ongoing mentoring, Moshe’s solid knowledge and guidance have underpinned our service delivery and growth.


Moshe presents complex topics in a clear and understandable format. His expertise and experience across a range of client presentations, enabled us to competently take on a new therapy and build our own expertise. His skills in EEG analysis have made it possible, as a small clinic, to offer EEG guided Neurofeedback training which has enormously enhanced our Neurofeedback training outcomes.


We have always received prompt support in dealing with technical enquiries and difficulties. Thanks Moshe and the team at NIA.


Dr. Veronica Harris
Clinical Psychologist
Child & Family Counselling Clinic


4-day Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice
(our entry-level course for neurofeedback practitioners)

  • “Thank you Moshe and David for all your teaching and support”
  • “An incredibly valuable learning experience. Great mix of practice and theory and I look forward to working using the skills and knowledge gained. Highly recommend.”
  • “Great and enjoyable experience”
  • “Really enjoyed the training – all aspects! Thank you”
  • “Thank you for your generous, kind and considerate sharing of knowledge/experience. I enjoyed the course and look forward to many more. The organisation and well-though out preparation was outstanding. Very professional and satisfies end-user experience. Thank you!”
  • “Very well organised and felt very well supported in my learning. Thanks Moshe and David!”
  • “Fantastic training, thank you.”
  • “Excellent course.”
  • “Great course. I have learnt a great deal.”
  • “Love the course”
  • “I found Moshe to be extremely knowledgable and experienced and very thorough in how the course was run. He’s also very personable, patient and happy to explain things. The daily opportunities to use EEGer were great. Thank you! Folder is also great!”
  • “Well organised, practical, and informative training. Professionally and personally beneficial”
  • “Great training, thanks!”
  • “Excellent training.”
  • “Can’t wait to practice and continue to learn in this area. Thanks!”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I felt the facilitators were passionate and very knowledgable about neurofeedback. I enjoyed the theoretical and practical components. Thank you!”
  • “Thank you for facilitating discussion and respecting and responding to all feedback.”
  • “Great course – great knowledge of presenter. Will do more on NF.”
  • “Very thorough, practical and clinically relevant and enjoyable training. Thank you Moshe and David.”
  • “Thanks for a great few days of training. Love your enthusiasm and open minded approach.”

Webinar – interactive online learning

  • “Thanks David and Moshe for providing this opportunity; it keeps me connected and engaged with NFB and I learn so much that is relevant to all of my clients.”
  • “It’s wonderful that this webinar is being offered. I found it very useful. Thank you, Moshe and David.”
  • “I think what Moshe has offered here is very valuable and I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude.”
  • “wonderful to be able to participate – thank you.”
  • “I have really enjoyed the sessions & feel I have been able to improve my knowledge about minimaps generally.”
  • “thank you! Moshe is a great source of knowledge and experience and always addressed the questions we brought to the table. I learned a lot.”
  • “You do a great job David, please run more.”
  • “I was very nervous to start with however I was soon put at ease by Moshe’s personable approach and his willingness to cover the basics as well as the more complicated areas. I enjoy listening to how his mind works when considering behaviours and protocols!”
  • “Excellent input from Moshe; breadth of is knowledge, his thoughfulness and wisdom Opportunity to hear from other NFB practitioners, and discussion about different clients and protocols. It was a very safe learning environment.”

Other classroom courses

  • “Great workshop thank you.”
  • “A good mixture of advanced whilst cementing in the basics.”
  • “Moshe Perl is an excellent, knowledgable presenter who has a wealth of experience to share.”
  • “I’m happy to highly recommend this course to anyone interested in neurofeedback.”
  • “The content was well organised and flexible to enabling participants to fully engage.”
  • “Great course! Easy to follow format and hands on. Thank you Moshe and David.”

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