About us


Based in Melbourne, we are a family business that is built upon the extensive experience and expertise of Dr Moshe Perl. Dr Perl started using neurofeedback in his clinical practice in 1998 and began teaching others how to do so in 2001. See further below for a full bio.


Our aim is to provide services and support for the Australasian neurofeedback community, to help grow the field and to share Dr Perl’s extensive knowledge.


Whether you are a practitioner new to the field, an advanced practitioner, or are searching for neurofeedback services, we are here to help.

Dr. Moshe Perl


Dr. Moshe Perl is a world-class expert in neurofeedback and QEEG/EEG analysis, areas in which he has almost two-decades of experience teaching and mentoring practitioners in Australia and internationally.


He has successfully treated well over a thousand patients and has seen first-hand the amazing impact neurofeedback can have. Additionally, he has mentored over 100 practitioners in the field and reviewed thousands of cases inside of learning environments that develop and up-skill neurofeedback practitioners.


Dr. Perl has studied with many of the recognised world-leading experts in neurofeedback and QEEG/EEG analysis, distilled their knowledge and has become a recognised leader in the industry. He applies his knowledge in clinical practice as well as in his teachings. A hallmark of Moshe’s teaching style is that he makes difficult concepts accessible and understandable for students at any level of skill or knowledge. He consistently receives excellent feedback for his courses, both on and offline.


  • Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D. North Texas State University 1982, registered in Australia since 1992
  • Bachelor of Physics, University of Tel-Aviv, 1979
  • Hakomi Therapist since 1999
  • BCIA certified neurofeedback practitioner and educator since 2004
  • IQCB/QEEG Diplomate and accredited educator since 2016
  • Psychologist, Professional Counsellor, Marriage & Family Counsellor, (USA) 1982-1992
  • Australian Psychological Society (Member)
  • Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychology (Member)
  • Australian Psychological Society College of Forensic Psychology (Member)
  • Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia, (ANSA) (fellow and former president)
  • Australian ADHD Professionals Association (ADHDPA) (Full Member)

David Perl


David’s accent is the result of being born in the USA. He moved to Australia with his family as a boy and eventually found his way into studying mechanical engineering and science (mathematics and physics) at the University of Melbourne (with a semester exchange in Technion, Israel). David graduated with high distinction honours and The Herbert Brooks memorial prize (given to the highest marks in final year Mechanics).


David joined his dad at the NIA in 2016 after a successful career in engineering, business, and sustainability. Like his dad, David is driven by work that is helpful to the world and strives to make positive and impactful difference.


David’s experience in business management allows Moshe to focus on sharing his profound knowledge.


In 2019 David (finally) married his wife Elli.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) / Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics) – graduated with high distinction honours – Melbourne University 2011
  • Certificate III in Hospitality (Operations)