Professional Mentoring

Individual Mentoring


Dr Moshe Perl is a BCIA and IQCB/QEEGD accredited mentor. He has provided professional mentoring to over a hundred neurofeedback practitioners and studied with most of the recognised experts in neurofeedback and EEG worldwide. This, along with his extensive clinical and teaching experience leads to a broad and deep understanding of neurofeedback and EEG.

He is known for his ability to to take complex concepts and convey them in accessible ways. He is very happy to share his extensive knowledge and widsom, to help practitioners help others, and to grow the field of neurofeedback. He predominantly mentors via telephone or Skype, so distance is not an issue.


To arrange a time for a session, please book a time via our online calendar and arrange payment via our online shop. Please note that payment is required before your session, and that if you would like to book more than 1 hour in a single session, book two adjacent hours and send us a note of your preferred start and end time immediately.


Group Mentoring


You can see our upcoming online group mentoring sessions on our course page. Dr Perl also facilitates group mentoring sessions on an ah-hoc basis, so if you and your colleagues would like to schedule a session, then please contact us to discuss further.

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