EEGer/NIA Affiliate Membership

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Annual EEGer Australia/NIA affiliate membership which gives access to discounts on our services as well as use of our Australia-based forums and presence on NIA’s online affiliate list.


Purchase two years to receive a 10% discount.


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Affiliate membership with the Neurotherapy Institute of Australasia (NIA), which also constitutes an Australasian affiliate membership with EEG Education & Research (EEGer) includes the following benefits:


  • Discounts on NIA services including:
    • All of our courses, both online and classroom based
      • Affiliates are also entitled to the affiliate price discount when sending an employee to our entry-level 4-day neurofeedback course
    • Supervision – one-on-one and group supervision (typically online)
    • qEEG, Minimap and TOVA Interpretations


  • Discounts on EEGer services including:
    • Online courses (e.g. Sebern Fisher’s webinars on treating trauma)
    • EEGer software upgrades


  • Forum access
    • NIA’s Australian based forum for discussion of neurofeedback and EEG
    • EEGer’s USA based, includes a wealth of archival material on neurofeedback



  • Free EEGer software technical support from Australia, and free email tech support from the USA.
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1 Year Membership: $350, 2 Year Membership: $630

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