Betterfly 100 sessions (incl. software usage)

AUD$1,000.91 + GST


IMPORTANT: This item is only to be purchased by qualified mental health practitioners who have contacted us before purchase. If you purchase before contacting us, we may have to cancel your order and your refund will exclude the credit card fee.

Before purchasing, please contact us and review details in the full product description below.


Note that the price fluctuate according to the USD to AUD exchange rate.


100 sessions of Betterfly Neurofeedback, clinic or home use.


100 sessions of Betterfly Neurofeedback – software based on cloud technology including:

  • Clinic Server Application*
  • Clinic Patient Application*
  • Home User Application
  • User Manual for Clinicians (clinicians only)
  • Home User Manual
  • 100 Sessions

*Requirement for Clinic Server and Clinic Patient application (clinicians only): Local Area Network LAN between Server PC and Clinic Patient PC – can be over Wifi.


Before purchasing, please contact us. We have to verify that you are qualified to use this software and you will also need to sign a purchase agreement. In the event that you do purchase before checking with us, we may have to charge a refund processing fee.


System Requirements – Recommended

Operating system: Windows 10

Specifications: Intel i5 processor, CPU – faster than 2 GHz, 8 GB RAM or more, Hard drive – more than 40 GB free, SSD (256 GB), Internet access, Network card, Network – 100 Mbps download / 3 Mbps upload, Network (ping) – under 20ms


System Requirements – Minimum

Operating system: Windows 7 or later

Specifications: Intel i3 processor, CPU – 2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Hard drive – 40 GB free, Internet access, Network card, Network – 40 Mbps download / 0.75 Mbps upload, Network (ping) – under 50ms



Compatible amplifiers:

  • U-Wiz
  • Genius
  • Pendant EEG