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You can now learn about Alpha-Theta NFB from the comfort and convenience of your own space!


“Moshe Perl is an excellent, knowledgeable presenter who has a wealth of experience to share.”

“Great course! Easy to follow format and hands on. Thank you Moshe and David.”


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Alpha-Theta is Deep-State Open Focus Neurofeedback designed for use with special client groups, including but not limited to peak performance, substance abuse, trauma resolution, depression and more. Alpha Theta neurofeedback has been described as similar to meditating, but easier.


This course has been reformatted to be delivered online. It will combine video lectures with live discussion and practicums held online. The video lectures must be viewed prior to the first meeting. The meetings will be:

  • Monday March 11, – 1-3:30 pm (Melbourne time – AEST) – Discussion + Q&A
  • Tuesday March 12, – 1-hour individual practicum
  • Monday March 18, – 1-3:30 pm – Discussion + Q&A
  • Tuesday March 19, – 1-hour individual practicum
  • Monday March 25, – 1-3 pm – Discussion + Q&A


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You can now learn about the amazing Alpha-Theta NFB online!


This course offers a comprehensive introduction to Alpha-Theta neurofeedback protocol. Alpha-Theta neurofeedback – also commonly referred to as the “Peniston Protocol” (in recognition of the ground-breaking research by Dr Eugene Peniston, who achieved an 80% success rate, with 10 year follow-up, in the treatment of alcoholism) – is deep state work, often applied in order to address addictions and PTSD and is also used for peak performance. However, combining Alpha-Theta fairly early with eyes open neurofeedback can, for many clients, improve their ability to remain calm, improve sleep and general well-being, and accelerate emotional healing. Topics covered include: historical development, research, Alpha-Theta mechanisms and methodology, clinical applications and experiential practicum.


Prerequisite: Four-Day “Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice” course.


Recommendation: The clinician has had ample opportunity to understand the higher frequency training protocols.

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Event Details

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