Mind Your Business

Mind Your Business

The business side of a neurofeedback practice is an important element that is often neglected. The success of the therapy is dependant on the success of the business, so getting the business case/structure right is fundamentally important.

In this new complimentary course, David Perl informally talks through the basics of administering and costing a remote neurofeedback practice (rNFB), discussing various considerations practitioners face when interested in setting up a “home training” model.

High-level concepts are discussed to stimulate practitioners to consider a variety of topics which will help them determine if rNFB is the right fit for them and what the next steps to take are. A free costing spreadsheet is included with this course to make it easy for practitioners to understand the costs and appropriate pricing of such a service.

This course is not specific to any particular brand of neurofeedback software and is unsolicited, entirely take-it-or-leave-it and completely free-of-charge!

This free course is offered as guidance only and is not a step-by-step guide to running a business. Rather, this is a discussion on a broad range of administrative and financial topics, specific to maintaining a neurofeedback remote/home training business, based on the questions real practitioners have asked and the answers to which they have found very useful.

We hope you enjoy this complimentary course.

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