The time for change has come, for the name NIA.

We’ve been pondering on our name (the Neurotherapy Institute of Australasia or NIA between friends), and for a while now, we’ve been questioning if it truly is the best, most accurate, reflection of who and how and where and what we are.

For more than a few page turns now, our reach has extended beyond The Pacific ocean.

Our students, colleagues and friends hail from the Americas, Japan, Europe (both with and without a British accent), South-East Asia, Israel, and New Zealand. Our expertise in neurofeedback and EEG/QEEG is international, as is our team’s lives, education and marriages!

So, describing us as “eclectic” would be an understatement. 

Our focus has been to help grow the field of neurofeedback and EEG analysis/QEEG, predominantly through academic and educational enterprises; which benefit a far reaching global community of practitioners who we have come to know and love and call friend (you know who you are and yes it’s you).

We want to keep making world-class education content and learning opportunities that benefit that community. And we want that community to grow – as through your work we help make the world a better place.

So, after a lot of thinking and reflecting and an amazing montage of outfit changes set to a funky 80s synth beat, we decided that, from here on, the NIA will be known as: The NIA

That’s right. We’re staying “The NIA”, but guess what? NIA now stands for:

N: Neurofeedback

I: International

A: Academy

So, we’re now The Neurofeedback International Academy. Got a nice ring to it, huh?

Everything will continue to keep working as per usual, (an NIA by any other name would smell just as sweet). You’ll just notice us being referred to differently on our website and emails etc. We’re still here, still dedicated to helping you improve the lives of your clients.

Mostly, we’re just super excited to have you on board as we launch into this big bright future together!